JAWS: Amity Means Friendship (Renewed Mind Movie Talk, Episode 07)

New Episode of Renewed Mind Movie Talk available today!

Are you going to watch Jaws this Fourth of July weekend?

Of course you are! What else would you look at this weekend?

After watching it, take a look at this video essay!

Jaws isn’t a movie about a shark — it’s a movie about a community responding to a shark attack. As I will discuss in the video, the film repeatedly shows vulnerability to be the key part of a good community, and that communities who refuse to accept their vulnerability are bound to fail.

After looking at these parts of the movie, we’ll see how the Apostle Paul reveals his own vulnerability to the early Christian church in Romans 7.

Check it out and consider sharing with the film fan (or shark phobic) in your life!

“Hidden Figures – Imagine a New World” (Renewed Mind Movie Talk, Episode 05)

A little later than I wanted, but here’s the newest episode of Renewed Mind Movie Talk!

In this episode, we’re looking at the 2016 historical drama Hidden Figures.

Hidden Figures uses mathematics as a metaphor for imagining a different world, creating new math to advance the new science of space travel helps us think about undoing institutional racism in the United States.

This rethinking mirrors the new world Jesus describes in the Sermon on the Mount. The weak, the dejected, the peacemakers are the people through whom he will establish his kingdom.

Hidden Figures illustrates this principle, but only to a point. As I’ll discuss, it falls short by keeping intact an “us versus them” logic, simply moving it from racial to national antagonism.

See the whole thing here! And if you like it, maybe share with someone else who might find it interesting!