Den of Geek: Thor: Love and Thunder Ending Explained: What It Means for the MCU


At the beginning of Thor: Love and Thunder, the kindly Kronun Korg invited us to gather around and hear the story of Thor, the Space Viking who lost his way. By the end of the movie, Thor seems to have found himself, discovering a new purpose caring for the daughter of his one-time enemy Gorr and traveling the stars righting any wrongs, wherever he finds them. 

Along the way, Thor got some closure on his failed relationship with ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who joined him and King Valkyrie as the Mighty Thor in a battle against Gorr the God-Butcher. The God-Butcher was thwarted, King Valkyrie made the first steps to transform New Asgard from a kitschy tourist trap to a proper warrior nation, and Jane made her way to Valhalla. 

But as part of an ongoing narrative, even the happy ending of Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t signal the end of the road for the thunder god. The questions still lingering may have major ramifications for the future of the MCU. 

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