Faithfully Magazine: Everything Everywhere All At Once & the Absurdity of Love as Resistance

Evelyn Wang is a chef at a hibachi restaurant, locked in a constant rivalry with her co-worker.

Evelyn Wang is a sign twirler, drawing eyes by spinning an advertisement around her back and neck.

Evelyn Wang is a singing sensation, star of the Chinese stage and screen.

Evelyn Wang is a woman with hot dogs for fingers.

As the main character of the absurdist action movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” Evelyn Wang is all these things and more. But when the movie opens, Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) is simply the proprietor of a laundromat, which she operates with her endlessly upbeat husband Waymond (Ke Huy Quan). Burdened with a failing business, a disdainful daughter (Stephanie Hsu), and a father (James Hong) who has not forgiven her for leaving China for America decades ago, Evelyn cannot shake the feeling that something is wrong in the universe. The world that once seemed so full of love and possibility has deteriorated in the predictable grind of daily life.


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