How Moon Knight’s Arthur Harrow Deviates From the Comics

Even the biggest Moon Knight fan would have to admit that the character enjoys only C-list status. Sure, he’s had several solo ongoing series since his first appearance in 1975’s Werewolf by Night #37, and even a few stints on various Avengers teams. But no one could have expected that the character would earn his own television show, let alone that he would be played by acclaimed actor Oscar Isaac.

Even more surprising was the announcement that Ethan Hawke would play the main baddie of the series, cult leader Arthur Harrow. Moon Knight has accrued a respectable rogue’s gallery over the years, but it’s hard to believe that anyone considers Arthur Harrow their favorite Moon Knight antagonist.

So why would a star of Hawke’s caliber agree to play the character? Clearly, he and Moon Knight showrunner Jeremy Slater have much to offer in their strangely empathetic take on an evil cult leader.


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