Stressed is the Peacemaker


A kick-drum roll and a sing-along shout—that’s how every episode of HBO Max’s Peacemaker begins. 

Set to the aspirational anthem “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” by Norwegian metal band Wig Wam, the opening credits of each episode feature the cast performing an elaborately choreographed dance number. Dressed in costume—from schlubby street clothes to the blue-and-black tactical gear of antihero Vigilante (Freddie Stroma)—the cast members wave their arms and pump their hips, their dour facial expressions revealing none of the goofy fun they’re surely having. 

At the center of the number is Peacemaker himself, played by hulking, former pro wrestler John Cena. The scowl chiseled into Cena’s mug only accentuates his ridiculous costume, a red-and-white outfit topped with a silver helmet of indecipherable shape. The sequence crescendos with the cast assembled, their arms outstretched as an eagle flies into the foreground and spreads its wings with triumph.


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