Six Comic Book Death Traps That Would Be Right at Home in the Saw Franchise (Bloody Disgusting)


I’m not one to often pull the “book was better” card, but I have to admit that I get a little bit snobby when people express their love of John Kramer, the Jigsaw killer of the Saw franchise. Look, I can respect a man who straps heartless bankers to a merry-go-round and force them to beg for their lives (yes, I know who really designed that trap). And he does know his way around a self-righteous maniacal monologue. 

But long-time nerds know that death traps have long been the domain of supervillains. And, apologies to the James Bond franchise, supervillains are always best in comic books. A holdover from their pulp magazine predecessors, comic book supervillains love to capture superheroes, put them in an elaborate trap, and then… well, then they give the heroes plenty of time to escape. And they don’t even have to claw out their own eyes to do it, so I guess Jigsaw wins there. 

Still, there is a long history of wonderfully odd traps outlandish enough to suit the superheroes they capture. And many of them would make Jigsaw proud. Here are six of my favorites. 


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