Like Resident Alien, We are Not of This World


Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) seems like any other resident of Patience, Colo. The big-city surgeon, who had been spending his days relaxing at his lakeside cabin, has stepped in to become the tiny mountain town\’s new doctor upon the previous physician\’s unexpected death. With his knowledge of human anatomy and ability to deliver medicine, Harry appears to fit right in. 

But some observers might notice some oddities. When Harry laughs, he does so with a crooked smile spread across his lips, as if he were wrenching laughter up from his gullet. When Harry looks at young children, they scream and run away in horror. 

Harry behaves strangely because he’s not Harry. He’s an alien invader with an unpronounceable name, who has taken the real Dr. Vanderspeigle’s form after crash-landing on our planet and killing the human he now resembles. So goes the central premise of the Syfy dramedy series Resident Alien, which follows Tudyk’s faux-Harry as he tries to integrate himself in Patience, while also searching for lost ship parts and completing his mission: destroying the earth.


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