How We Celebrated First Contact Day in 2020


Technically, we won’t start celebrating First Contact Day until April 5th, 2063. According to Star Trek canon, that’s the day when Zefram Cochrane will launch Earth’s first warp-capable rocket, catching the attention of Vulcan researchers who heretofore dismissed our planet as too primitive to visit. Cochran’s voyage sets into motion events that not only lead to the creation of the United Federation of Planets, but also lead to the end of war, racism, and inequality on Earth. 

Fans have been celebrating First Contact Day since the idea was introduced in the 1996 film, Star Trek: First Contact. Usually, celebrations focus on our enjoyment of all things Trek, with watch parties devoted to our favorite movies and episodes. 

But this year, First Contact Day has to be more than that. First Contact Day 2020 might be the most important observance of the holiday because we’re celebrating it amidst a global pandemic. 


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