The Wild Witness of Wolfwalkers


A stern man strides into a great medieval hall, consternation creasing his face. Weary and worried, he closes his eyes and begins to pray. His prayer begins with a question familiar to every Christian, a question that must be asked by anyone who wants to serve God: \”Lord, what must I do?\”

But this query—posed in Wolfwalkers, an animated film now available on Apple TV Plus—is not being asked by just anyone. It comes from the Lord Protector (voiced by Simon McBurney), a fictionalized version of English leader Oliver Cromwell. Designed with thick black lines and sharp angles, the Lord Protector’s features remain severe, even in prayer. “This wild land must be civilized,” he intones before looking upward to finish his prayer, his face given a hellish glow by the fire of a nearby torch, “This is your will.”


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