Edgar Wright’s The World’s End: To Err is Human (Renewed Mind Movie Talk, Episode 09)

New episode of Renewed Mind Movie Talk!

In this episode, we look at the last entry in the Cornetto Trilogy, a series of movies directed by Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) and featuring actor/writers Simon Pegg and Nick Frost: Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World’s End (2013).

The World’s End is part midlife crisis movie and part alien invasion movie, pitting the drunken burnout Gary King (Pegg) against The Network, invaders who offer humanity perfection. The movie clearly sides with the exuberant but destructive King, but I suspect most Christian’s sympathies would lie with The Network. After all, The Network, comes from above and promise to make humans perfect, but only if they get rid of everything they love. Sound familiar?

In this episode, we will look at how The World’s End portrays the appeal of King’s behavior and the fear of The Network, as well as Jesus’s love for the broken, as described in Mark 2:15-17.

Check it out and consider sharing it with other movie lovers (at least those who don’t mind getting some Jesus in their sci-fi movies)!

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